Aerial Edge TV - Episode 6

Reporting from backstage at the Aerial Edge Scratch Night in Glasgow, I bring us the latest Episode of Aerial Edge TV. Look at all those happy faces! 0.00 Introduction and Title Credits

0.42 Scratch Night Highlights: A short but sweet selection of highlights from the latest Aerial Edge Scratch Night in the Briggait. We see works in progress by a variety of performers including: an ensemble piece from ‘Hoop Group’, Gemma and Charlie on Doubles Silks, individual performances on Hoop by Lauren and Kerri, Doubles Trapeze by Jamie-Lee and Seamus, Silks Ensemble, Doubles Rope by Cathi and Stewart and the Flying Trapeze in ‘flight mode’. Footage by Paul Anthony Sayer.

1.43 Performance group auditions: Mark, Vee and Julie are down at the Briggait holding auditions for a new Aerial Edge performance group. Vee gives us a run-down of all the skills and qualities they are looking for and Julie leads the dance section of the auditions. Well done to all of the people who took part in these auditions- everyone was accepted!

2.59 Circus Fitness: Mark Gibson teaches us one of the fundamental techniques of Aerial: inversions (or ‘turning upside down’). He demonstrates how to build this technique up with leg raises and mini kittens and shows the progression to the ‘skinning the cat’ technique for advanced students. NB: please don’t try this one at home. You need a suitable crash mat (i.e. not a mattress or cushions) for anything that involves turning upside down, so we recommend trying it in one of our classes under the guidance of an instructor.

6.41 News From On High: Julie Riddell brings us the latest Aerial Edge News and updates: Adults Easter Workshops, Merchandise now available at reception. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and instagram, like us on facebook and subscribe on youtube!

10.10 Credits: With thanks to everyone who took part in this episode of AETV

Production Team: Amy Shipway, Mark Gibson.