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  • Project Area: Digital Learning
  • Start Date: 2000
  • Duration: Ongoing
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Using technology to provide better ways to improve performance is something that fascinates me. Researching new learning methodologies has led me towards user focused development techniques like Design Thinking and a better understanding of learning psychology.

Most of my work in digital learning has been for the telecommunications sector and in the last couple of years for Connect to Learn. The aim of Connect To Learn is to scale up access to quality secondary education, in particular for girls, by providing scholarships and bringing ICT to schools in remote, resource-poor parts of the world, using mobile broadband and cloud.

My desire to improve digital learning led me to developing rich media content including greenscreen video and 3D animation, we built hosting and content management systems to enable and track delivery and I've built a number of different self-paced virtual lab solutions to provide remote access to networking and telecommunications equipment and telecommunications software.

My long term objective in digital learning is to integrate together new development practices, educational psychology and new innovations in technology. This will enable the creation of new learning ecosystems to support life-long learning and give quality technology education to everyone.

Ongoing research and development projects that I can show publicly I will do through this site either as articles or individual project pages. If you want to see some of what I have worked on in the past, check out my earlier articles under 'technology'