Aerial Edge TV - Episode 5

This episode comes from Ipanema beach in Rio and the rigging conference in Rio. I flew to Rio with Pedro to attend a weekend conference on rigging led by some of the Brazil’s top riggers and artistic directors including Vincent Schonbrodt, the director of Vertical Rigging Solutions in Rio and an ex head rigger at Cirque de Soleil. The conference workshops a mixture of theory and practice, including some demonstrations of load testing different ropes. 0.00 Introduction and Title Credits

0.52 The Rio Rigging conference

5.10 Circus Fitness: Back to sunny Glasgow and Jamie-Lee is at Aerial Edge HQ (the Briggait!) demonstrating a conditioning exercise called ‘dish’ than can be done either on the ground or in the air. This exercise will help you strengthen your core and achieve the correct posture while hanging in the air.

7.20 Hula Hoop: Shona introduces one of Aerial Edge’s newest classes, Hula Hoop where the focus is on having fun and learning new tricks. This class is accessible for everyone as there are no size or skill restrictions! You can book onto the Hula Hoop classes here.

8.80 News From On High: Jamie-Lee brings us the latest Aerial Edge News and updates: New and improved reception area at the Briggait, Adults and Kids Easter Workshops, Merchandise still available. We’re now on instagram but don’t forget to follow us on twitter, like us on facebook and subscribe on youtube!

10.10 Credits: With thanks to everyone who took part in this episode: AETV

Alain Veilleux, Fill de Block, Jamie – Lee McNaughton, Pedro Mello e Cruz, Seamus Clancy, Shona Conacher, Vincent Schonbrodt,

Hula Hoop Footage by Paul Anthony Sayer.

Production Team: Amy Shipway, Mark Gibson.