Aerial Edge TV - Episode 4

From a behind the scenes look at Aerial Edge’s Scratch Night rehearsals, to the spectacular show that Circocan put on at New Year, this episode focuses on the production of these shows. Seamus demos a handy hamstring strengthening exercise in our Circus Fitness section and we bring you the latest news and updates from the Briggait. Enjoy!

00.00 Welcome to Carnival! The Brazilian street party revellers welcome Aerial Edge viewers to their carnival. Featuring Lidi Lemes

0.14 Introduction: Mark introduces Episode 4 which will feature highlights from the Aerial Edge Scratch Night rehearsals and the Circocan New Year’s Eve show.

0.36 Title Credits

1.30 Scratch Night Preview: We get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the rehearsals for the up and coming Scratch Night. Featuring the Fly Team, Silks Ensemble and Cathi on Rope.

3.20 Circocan Show: Mark interviews the Pedro and the cast on the creation of Circocan’s spectacular New Years Eve show. This section features some breath-taking footage of the performance by Gabriel Stella.

15.5 Circus Fitness: Seamus is back with another exercise for us to try out at home as he and Amy demonstrate a Hamstring that is tougher than it looks!

17.5 News from on High: From the (ahem) dizzying heights of the trampoline Seamus brings us the latest Aerial Edge News.

19.2: Credits: Thanks to everyone involved in this episode!

Direction ideas and videographic inspiration from Leonardo Roat