Aerial Edge TV - Episode 3

This episode contains an inside view of the Aerial Edge Beginners Fly class, an interview with the creator of the Circocan Post Graduate Degree Programme, coverage of our new Movement Vocabulary class with Scott Houston and teaching tips from Seamus Clancy.

00:00 Intro credits

00:34 Mark Gibson introduces episode 3 from the dizzying heights of the Circocan grand volant.

01:20 Inside Beginners Flying Trapeze – We interviewed some first time fliers in Beginners Flying Trapeze. If you’re thinking about coming along, this clip will give you a flavour of what to expect from the class which you can book here.

03:15 Prof. Bruno Tucanduva – interview with the creator of the Circocan Post Graduate Degree Programme.

07:20 Movement Vocabulary with Scott Houston – Interview with Scott Houston the instructor of one of Aerial Edge’s newest classes. Movement Vocabulary focusses on small movements and building up rhythms from these. You can book a place on the class here.

08:40 Exercise tutorial – Seamus shows us how to open up and avoid overdeveloping your pectoral muscles with this handy exercise called ‘Renegade Rose’.

11:10 News on High – Seamus Clancy brings us the latest Aerial Edge news and updates from the Briggait fly platform.

13:00 Subscribe – Where to find Aerial Edge TV Episodes and how to subscribe on iTunes.