Here’s an idea! I have a regular paid job where I mainly work from home. I collaborate with many other home-based and office workers internationally, I work in no particular timezone, and in theory could work from anywhere in the world… why the heck don’t I?!

Why do I limit myself to only the one view from my window, when I could, in theory, be free to travel, live and work in any of the glorious locations that the globe has to offer?

How can I use modern technology to facilitate the type of lifestyle that means I am no longer anchored to just one location: no physical house, and no permanent office? How much of my life can I move onto the cloud to make this a reality? How far can I go, and what are the limitations of having no fixed abode?

The possibilities are really exciting, and I think I’d like to find out!

I’ve worked in many countries, but mainly the location has been near to the customer and just for the duration of the business engagement. At the end of 2012 I spent 10 weeks in the US, which gave me an indication of what was possible, and also showed me what didn’t work out so well. In any case, at the end I still came back home; the location where all my “stuff” is. What would I need to do to have no “home” and to be able to move from one fabulous location to another? How can I give up the permanent physical location and be just as effective at my work? In this section of my site I’m going to focus on the technology and techniques I’m using to maintain my standard of living, keep my day job, but be truly a location independent worker.