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  • Project: Between The Lines
  • Start Date: September 2015
  • Duration: Ongoing
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Between the Lines is a contemporary circus show by Aerial Edge Artists that seeks to investigate the relationship between traditional circus arts and contemporary performance practice to see how they can be used together in constructing a show. Between the Lines, overall, aims for a performance that has no distinction between dance, theatre, and circus.

Director Adilso Machado's research focuses on contemporary art that involves circus as a tool to be used in artistic construction. His investigation of risk searches for the limits of the performers level of skill whether that is in acrobatics, manipulation or dance, where there may be a risk of injury or alternatively a risk of failure in other forms, such as dropping a ball or missing a trick. The idea behind the research of risk in its different forms is to create a tension between the act and the audience to draw them into the performance.

Between the lines is constructed using different contemporary techniques including methods of applying algorithms to dynamically create an act instead of through improvisation or choreography. Through the strong physicality of the performance and the use of ritual involving insistent rhythm, repetition and the level of physical presence of the performers the show attempts to invoke a feeling of the ritual’s power in the audience.


Braw Circus Festival 2018

Between The Lines - Braw

Merchant City Festival 2018

Between The Lines