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  • Topic: Bitcoin
  • Date: May 2016

Over the last few years Bitcoin has risen from being a plaything derived from the dreams of cryptographers to gaining much wider spread adoption. It has a growing audience of libertarians, anarchists and financial revolutionaries along with some of the hottest start ups and entrepreneurs in the technology sector. The current transformation for this digital currency is a growing adoption by the general public. Right now is a great time to be at the forefront of innovation around Bitcoin.

I've been following Bitcoin for the last few years, studying the technology and investigating ways of using it. There are many ways to leverage this new digital currency to create new streams of revenue

Adopting Bitcoin as a payment system, trading it as a currency, investing in Bitcoin for it's incremental growth and mining it for profit all have fabulous advantages as well as huge pitfalls. If you'd like to learn how to take advantage of Bitcoin and get an understanding of where this ground breaking technology is going next then The Bitcoin Course will show you how.

The Bitcoin Course is a video course which looks at the many different sides of Bitcoin and the opportunities it offers to entrepreneurs. I will show you how to get started in using Bitcoin, how you can use it as an investment and the many different ways to add Bitcoin to your business.

The technology of Bitcoin offers even more opportunities than as a currency and payment system, I will show you what this fascinating technology is developing into so you can see where it will be going in the future.

Getting Started Episodes

Your First Bitcoin Wallet

This is a good place to start where I begin by showing you how to get your first Bitcoin wallet. On the way you'll learn a little about addresses and where to find information on what wallets are available for a variety of devices.

Buying Your First Bitcoins

Now you have a wallet, where can you get Bitcoins from? I'll show you a few different options including cash, Bitcoin ATMs and currency exchanges. The last part covers sites that combines wallets and exchanges, we'll look at the pros and cons of each.

Spending Your First Bitcoins

Now you have bitcoins, how do you spend them and what can you buy with them. This video will look at what the buying process is, where to find local vendors and start looking at transaction fees.

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